The Right FRAME of Mind

Throughout the decades, some of the most iconic looks and styles have been centered around eye wear…particularly sunglasses. Here are a few of my favorite memorable looks.

Iconic Sunglasses

Whether a character in a movie or a real life individual, these people have made an eternal impression with their choice of glasses, making them superstars.

These days you can be a superstar in any pair of glasses that strike your fancy…as long as you choose the right frame. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you find the perfect pair of shades that you are certain will make you look as hot as you feel. You try them on only to find that you can’t take them off fast enough. They look horrible! This is because there is a science to choosing the correct frames for your face. By understanding this simple science and getting in the right FRAME of mind, you can find a fun, year-round accessory that will compliment your face and wardrobe. The only thing you need to know is the shape of your face.

Face Shape Diagram

The major thing to remember is choose a frame that contrasts your face shape. The goal of your glasses is to offset your face shape in order to give you balance.

Square Face Shape: Since your face already has a strong shape, avoid sharp, angular frames as they may look too hard. Rather, opt for rounded/slightly curved frames to counterbalance your strong lines and angles. Look for oval, round, aviator, or cat eye styles for the best result.

Rounded Frames

Round Face Shape: Your face lacks angles, so to add definition go for aviators or square, angular frames, like wayfarers. Your best looks will come from rectangle, square, shield, wayfarer, and wrap styles.

Wayfarer Aviator Frames

Oval Face Shape: Lucky you! You can wear just about any style. The only thing to keep in mind is choose a frame that is as wide as your face at its widest point. You will have ultimate appeal by choosing rectangle, rimless, semi-rimless, oval, round, aviator, shield, square, wayfarer, or wrap styles.

Wide Set Glasses

Diamond Face Shape: Like your oval face friends, you are not restricted to one particular style of frames, however, you should avoid extremes and stray away from particularly rounded or angular frames. Lenses that are deeper than they are wide will work best for you.

Deeper than wide Frames

Heart Shape Face: With a wider forehead, you should avoid styles that draw attention upwards. Instead, look for bottom heavy frames that will add width to your lower face. Get the biggest bang by going with cat eye, aviator, rimless, round, semi-rimless, and square styles.

heart face frames

Sunglasses are the year-round accessory. There are tons of styles and colors available that can add a finishing touch to your wardrobe. Regardless your face shape, you can rock the perfect look for you! Just like with all other pieces of your wardrobe, you must feel confident and comfortable in your sunglasses since they add to your individual style. So whether you have one staple pair or ten varying styles, choose wisely and enjoy the iconic accessory that will help you stay stylish!





JUMP into a Summer Evening

Summer is always a bustling time filled with events and activities. The warmer weather always brings these weddings, parties, and social events outdoors. With all these festivities planned (and the oftentimes unbearable heat) it’s difficult for a gal to look her best. Fret not, though, because this year is the perfect time for you to jump into a summer evening. Put that LBD (Little Black Dress) away and reach for the jumpsuit. Summer 2015 brings about the jumpsuit as the new cocktail dress. This is an awesome throwback item that is attractive on most all body types.

There are so many styles and options that it’s easy for you to find the perfect fit. I’ve gathered a few looks together in four different categories to help you get a jump on your shopping. All of the looks in the photos come from H&M, Zara, and Forever 21.

Jumpsuit 3

Going for a simple look with a dramatic flair? These sleek and sleeved options bring boldness with their solid color, but remain streamlined and sexy while keeping your arms covered.

Jumpsuit 2

Kicking it up a notch from the monochromatic look, these cut-out and sheer details add another level of sass. A tasteful appearance of skin add appropriate sex appeal for any age, but still allows you to be a lady.

Jumpsuit 4

If the thought of a jumpsuit isn’t completely jumping out at you, consider one of these options with full legs. You have the look of a maxi dress, but the comfort and style of the jumpsuit. The flowing legs will definitely add a flirty detail to those summer evenings.

Jumpsuit 1

If you are wanting to make the ultimate summer impact, take a huge leap and try your hand at a printed jumpsuit. With a multitude of prints and patterns, you can find the perfect look that fits your personality.

Whether you have a casual evening with friends for a patio party or a swanky cocktail hour at the yacht club, jump full speed ahead and make a splash with this hot summer must have. You can rock it as is or even layer your look with a cardigan or blazer for a completely different look. Also remember that hemlines can easily be altered. If you aren’t six foot tall and a size 2, who cares…have yours hemmed to give the illusion of height. Make it work to fit your style and boy type.

Regardless of how you jump into it, this sizzling piece will definitely keep your summer appearances hopping as you beat the heat to stay stylish!




A SUCKER for the Season

With the celebration of freedom during Memorial Day weekend, we also welcome the warmth of summer. I know that the first official day of summer isn’t until June 21, but something about Memorial Day just brings the image of summertime. As the daylight hours get longer, the lemonade gets colder, and outdoor adventures get more frequent, summer is such a fun time of the year…it’s kinda like Christmas, with a tan!

As you are attending all your fun festivities of the season, you want to make sure that you find yourself in the Kings Court of the Season…The House of SEERSUCKER! Not just for slow talkin’, southern politicians anymore, seersucker is available in a variety of pieces that make it easy to incorporate it into your warm weather wardrobe. Not to leave you hanging, I have come up with some inspiration pieces to get you started.

Ladies, you have tons of opportunities to bring the King into your looks.

TSS Women's Seersucker

From dresses to jackets and anything in between, you can effortlessly embody the traditional southern image.

  • Look fun and flirty in a great strapless number from Old Navy. Paired with a white denim jacket, this is the perfect casual and classy look that would have you ready for any evening shindig.
  • Straying away from the traditional blue seersucker, a tan print cropped pant is an essential summer item to pair with anything from a t-shirt to a gauzy top.
  • For a completely casual look, pair a utility style jacket with a pair of shorts in a pop of color like green or coral.
  • A seersucker skirt with an eyelet overlay gives a dramatic look of texture and pattern without being too fussy.
  • A classic cut long sleeve button up in a colored seersucker is cool and casual and compliments anything from white, denim, or a bold color.
  • For a dressier look, don a more structured blazer with a simple top and a great chino. This look is even suitable for summer casual wear to the office.

Gentlemen, I haven’t forgotten about you either! The quintessential fabric of any southern gentleman, seersucker is the denim of the summer. Pair it with anything, and dress it up or down.

TSS Men's Seersucker

Cool and breathable, you’ll definitely be a dapper dandy by incorporating any of these great items into your looks.

  • Attending a wedding? A dressier summer soiree? Or just want to turn up for cocktails and dinner? A seersucker blazer has you covered. If you’re feeling froggy, go ahead and buy an entire seersucker suit so you can mix and match all season long.
  • Fun and festive, these two color seersucker shorts are the perfect piece for summer outings. Pair with a t-shirt for a casual look, or a white button up for a more classic feel.
  • Found in a variety of color options, this slim fit long sleeve button up could easily become a weekend go-to. Whether you join it with shorts, chinos, or denim, this shirt can take you from morning adventures to evening outings.
  • Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man! This suit vest is a sleek and polished look for an alternative dressier look. A simple white button up and almost any color chino will complete this outfit with ease. Throw on a bow tie and you’ll be the beau of the ball.
  • Summer is the perfect time to experiment with more graphic looks like these seersucker pants with embroidered details. I mean, what goes better with seersucker than glasses of lemonade.
  • Tie one on this summer with a slim cut seersucker tie. A perfect addition to your favorite jeans and a button up, add a touch of southern prep to an otherwise simple outfit.

So whether you’re headed to the pier for a day of sunshine or rubbing elbows with old money at an evening event, these affordable seersucker options will definitely keep you in the KINGS court during the heated season. Take this warm weather time to add some classic seersucker to your wardrobe. Even in the humid heat of summer, being a SUCKER for the season is a sure way for you to stay stylish!

Who Needs a Bootie Call?

Jack Frost is officially here for an extended stay.  As we enter December, we know the chills are coming and the temperatures will be diving.  As our wardrobe changes to accommodate the chill in the air, we oftentimes branch out with a new shoe wardrobe as well.  The coming months will afford a lot of activities that will bring out the best in our attire.  In hopes of always putting our best foot forward, I felt the need for a bootie call!

Dressy to masculine, sophisticated to simple…boots are here to stay for a while and there are always so many options from which to choose.  Let’s explore some of my top picks!

The Casual Boot

The casual boot is perfect for most outings because they pair great with denim, chinos, or cords.  Here are some of my favorite casual styles, and most of these are less than $40.

Casual Boot Collage

1.  The Ankle Bootie from Aldo Kaowia – These chic and fun booties are very versatile and would integrate into your life seamlessly.  Kick it for a night out on the town or strut through the mall on a Saturday shopping day.
2.  The Two Tone Riding Boot – These tall riding boots with the thoughtful hardware detail are great to go with a multitude of outfits.  Working with both brown and black, you can utilize these all season long.
3.  The Lace Up Combat Boot – I love the look of these boots!  The streamlined design with rugged details makes these boots the perfect pair for a skinny jean and just about any style top.
4.  The York Riding Boot – This simple and traditional look is the staple riding boot for you.  Available in wide calf sizes this boot is the perfect fit for any woman on the go.

The Shooties and Booties

I love this little footwear hybrid.  I feel like these pieces of fantastic footwear are a must have for every woman.  Some ladies don’t have the height for the tall riding boots, but any stature can strut their stuff in these.

Shooties and Booties Collage

1.  Faux Suede High Heel Bootie – With an asymmetrical cut, these booties are sure to catch an eye.  Whether you’re pairing them with a dress or jeans, these high stepping hybrids (available in black and navy) are perfect for you!
2.  The Strappy Heeled Booties – These effortlessly chic booties are practical and perfect for all your footwear needs.  With a side zip and clever hardware, these pair perfectly with an ensemble.
3.  Lace Up Wedge Bootie – Step it up in style with these powerful wedges.  A touch of masculinity with the oxford style, these casual wedge heel adds sophistication to any outfit.
4.  Low Tilda Welt Bootie – Sassy is the name of the game with these red hot booties.  Also available in black and cobalt, these are definitely a statement piece.  A perfect touch to an upcoming holiday party.

The Dress Boot

Boots to work are not just for Vivian Ward chasing after Edward Lewis on Hollywood Blvd.  Designers have really picked up their game in presenting some great boots for those dressier outfits.

Dress Boot Collage

1.  Black Leather Quilted Bootie – These sleek and sophisticated quilted booties would be a great addition to a power suit or pencil skirt in the board room.  With just enough heel to give some sass, they are still conservative enough to be appropriate.
2.  Leather Equinox Bootie – Carlos Santana hit it out of the park with this one.  The flattering asymmetrical lines create a polished, yet sexy look.  Pair these with a great dress or a tailored trouser and you are set.
3.  Nine West Appleye Bootie – Smooth and polished in black suede, this peek-toe bootie is trimmed in leather.  A touch of class, with a slight edge makes this unique bootie a necessity for a black skirt or slim fitting trouser.
4.  Crown Vintage Tall Boot – I’m not always a fan of a tall boot in a dressy occasion, but something about these worked for me.  Maybe it was the button detail, the low profile heel, or the camel color…whatever it was, it had me at first glance.  These feminine tall boots are the perfect pair to wear from day to night.

Short or tall, open or closed, sleek or detailed…there’s a boot for everyone.  Make sure you are equipped with some of this season’s most desired footwear.  Don’t be afraid to invest in a good pair.  I don’t see these beauties going anywhere for a while.  Get a quality pair that will last you for a while and you’ll never regret it.  Answer that phone, ladies…it may be a bootie call!  It is, after all, that time of year!  Stay stylish!

Fall Fashion: The Stylish Steed’s 4 Must-Haves

The notable Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” I don’t know about intolerable, but here’s to another season of alterations, Mr. Wilde. With the fall season beginning in less than 20 days, it’s time for us to prepare for some changes in our wardrobe. As you move your cords and boots to the front of the closet, there are some other items that you should consider integrating into your look.

The Stylish Steed’s Top 4 Must-Haves for Fall

The devil is in the details! Maybe not the devil, but leather sure is! A polished look for the season that works in a multitude of styles is leather detailing. Whether its patches, piping, or panels, leather details add a sleek look to your outfit.

TSS Leather Detail

Blazer – H&M
Peplum Top – Madewell
Woven Jacket – H&M
Merino Sweather – J. Crew Factory
Striped Tee – J. Crew Factory

I understand that many women change their handbag as often as their undergarments, but a staple bag for this season is the Trapeze Bag. These uniquely shaped bags can be quite expensive, but with a little research you can easily find more affordable options.

TSS Trapeze Bag

Off White – Forever21
Leather Multicolored – Aliexpress
Suede Multicolored – Aliexpress

To help you get a jump on things, the iconic jumpsuit is back. In a variety of styles, there is an option to suit your body and taste. Pair with heels, boots, or even flats, and this fashion throwback can work for almost any occasion.

TSS Jumpsuits

Geo-Print Wrap – New York & Company
Blue V Neck – Zara
¾ Sleeve Wrap Front – H&M
Button Neck – Zara

Plaid is rad this season and you can wear it anywhere! If it’s overwhelming, you can simply make it an accessory, or be bold and branch out with a large print jacket or skirt. Regardless your level of comfort, reach for something plaid in a color palette that complements your coloring.

TSS Plaid

Large Print Jacket – Tulle4Us
Rain Hat – Talbot’s
Skirt – L.L. Bean
Blazer – Talbot’s
Pant – Land’s End

Whether your personal style is chic, professional, playful, or anything in between, take this time to branch out and include some of these must-haves into your fall line-up. Don’t be afraid to explore colors that are new to you. Explore a new dimension to your style and welcome fall with a fresh look that’s sure to help you stay stylish!