About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Chad! Thanks for your interest in learning more about The Stylish Steed.


I’m a small town, southern gentleman who has a passion for fashion, entertaining, and leading a fantastic life…all without breaking the bank. I love my southern roots and upbringing, and my laid back lifestyle. Growing up in a town of about 3,000, I’m an only child from a close-knit, God-fearing family with down home values.  With a retired art teacher for a mother and a father that is a “Jack of all trades,” I have gotten the best of both worlds…artistic creativity and tactical, hands-on knowledge.

I work in post-secondary education and enjoy being active in my community.  In my spare time I enjoy working in my yard, entertaining friends at my home, finding treasures at flea markets, and laughing with friends over coffee.  I am very inspired by empowering people to live an extraordinary life.

As you browse The Stylish Steed, you will find that I am a firmer believer in embracing your own style, whether it’s decorating in your home or adding items to your wardrobe.  Fashion can be bought…I’ll tell you about those things. Style one must possess…that’s where you make those items fit into your life.

Come on this journey with me as we learn to live a truly fabulous life…on a budget.

Until next time, stay stylish!