The Ultimate Flea Market Find

Guess what??? I’M BACK!!!!

It’s been quite a while since The Stylish Steed has last posted. Oh, how I’ve missed you all! Let me catch you up on a few things that happened during my absence!

During summer 2015 I had a wonderful experience debuting with a nearby theatre group. My summer as Curly from Oklahoma! was an absolutely exciting (but time consuming) opportunity. Quickly following that production I had the opportunity to perform in another great show, Greater Tuna, with a very talented actor. He and I played some 20+ characters and had an amazing time and developed a wonderful new friendship.


Aunt Eller and Curly in Theatre of Gadsden’s production of Oklahoma!

I had a blast in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia at the wedding of one of my best friends. Rebekah, from Some Kinda Good, married her sweetheart in a beautiful ceremony under the Spanish moss at Epworth by the Sea. It was a great time in a beautiful area that is dear to my heart.

Lingenfelser Wedding

The blissful bride, Rebekah, with the groomsmen

I did a little traveling, spent some time with family and friends, and kind of muddled through life. It was during all this busyness that I didn’t really have a desire to write. If I had some fun information I wanted to share, I simply couldn’t find the ambition to get up and do it. I was not on the mountaintop of life. For lack of better words, I lost my voice with my blog.

Fast forward to today…January 2016!

During a recent trip to Los Angeles with my mom I had a week long stay that relaxed and rejuvenated me! I spent almost an entire Sunday in the parking lot of Fairfax High School. On the corner of Melrose and Fairfax there is an amazing cultural/creative/culinary/musical event that happens every Sunday offered by Melrose Trading Post (MTP). MTP is operated by Greenway Arts Alliance, a community-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to unite communities through art, education and enterprise. Every Sunday, 4,000-5,000 people visit Melrose Trading Post, which is consistently listed as a top Los Angeles destination stop by numerous tourist websites and featured in publications and media all over the world. If you’re lucky you may even have a celebrity spotting!

MTP Collage

You can find absolutely everything at MTP! Vintage clothing/accessories, furniture, custom jewelry, clothing from aspiring designers, dining via local food trucks/restaurants, a music area complete with mats for relaxing…you name it, it’s there!

As I wandered the aisles of MTP I saw so many people from different walks of life displaying their curated goods for the masses to purchase. As I browsed their booths I saw the starving artists, the free spirited, the eco-friendly, the preppy guy, the left-over flower child, and the list goes on. All of them so different to the eye, yet deep down they were just alike. They were all alike because of their passion.

As I spoke to many of the booth owners they talked about their vision for custom designs, their desire to provide unique and quality items, and their excitement and zeal for what they were doing. Many had left salaried jobs with benefits to sell their “dreams” to others. They were driven by their passion.

Among the favorites of my flea market finds were a jacket from two gentlemen selling vintage pieces and a bracelet from Goat and Kettle.

My wool jacket was a sight for sore eyes. This vintage wool army jacket was constructed in 1944 ON MY BIRTHDAY….what are the odds?!?! It has quite the history with it and is a beautiful piece that I absolutely adore.

Military Jacket

A recent Instagram post showcasing my military jacket!

Goat and Kettle offers stunning jewelry and accessory pieces hand-forged from antique keys & hardware. The keys used in the designs are from all over the country and have been used to unlock antique padlocks & steamer trunks, open clocks & cabinet doors, secure old cash registers & bank boxes…and now they’ve been fashionably repurposed.

Goat and Kettle Collage

With bracelets (left) and rings (right) that feature various styles of keys, it’s hard to find the perfect one. I am in love with mine (center) and wear it almost daily!

And even though I love all my treasures from the “Fairfax Flea Market,” my ultimate find that day was my voice. The passion that was exhibited by all the sellers reminded me why I started The Stylish Steed. The lust for life that I saw in each booth owner reignited in me the drive and excitement to produce content on The Stylish Steed website. You see, I had entered one of those “valleys” in life and had lost my gumption. However, sometimes those valleys can be good for us if we turn them into Valleys of Vision. Oftentimes, it’s in the valley that we receive our eyes and begin to turn disappointments into His appointments. So get ready folks! It’s going to be a Sweet ’16 filled with lots of exciting things from yours truly to help you stay informed, stay entertained, and stay stylish!


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Flea Market Find

  1. Welcome Back! We have missed you. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for you!

  2. Proud you are out of the valley. I really enjoyed watching Oklahoma. It was fantastic. I’m glad you enjoyed making memories with your sweet Mama.

  3. Hey Boo!! What a great recap post. You are so sweet to give Some Kinda Good a shout out, and your BFF – you never deny me! I am thrilled that I was able to be in the audience during your Oklahoma performance. You are an excellent actor with so much to give! I totally understand the valleys, but how sweet it is when we find that mountaintop again. Welcome back – where you belong. 😉 Love & Hugs.

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