The Right FRAME of Mind

Throughout the decades, some of the most iconic looks and styles have been centered around eye wear…particularly sunglasses. Here are a few of my favorite memorable looks.

Iconic Sunglasses

Whether a character in a movie or a real life individual, these people have made an eternal impression with their choice of glasses, making them superstars.

These days you can be a superstar in any pair of glasses that strike your fancy…as long as you choose the right frame. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you find the perfect pair of shades that you are certain will make you look as hot as you feel. You try them on only to find that you can’t take them off fast enough. They look horrible! This is because there is a science to choosing the correct frames for your face. By understanding this simple science and getting in the right FRAME of mind, you can find a fun, year-round accessory that will compliment your face and wardrobe. The only thing you need to know is the shape of your face.

Face Shape Diagram

The major thing to remember is choose a frame that contrasts your face shape. The goal of your glasses is to offset your face shape in order to give you balance.

Square Face Shape: Since your face already has a strong shape, avoid sharp, angular frames as they may look too hard. Rather, opt for rounded/slightly curved frames to counterbalance your strong lines and angles. Look for oval, round, aviator, or cat eye styles for the best result.

Rounded Frames

Round Face Shape: Your face lacks angles, so to add definition go for aviators or square, angular frames, like wayfarers. Your best looks will come from rectangle, square, shield, wayfarer, and wrap styles.

Wayfarer Aviator Frames

Oval Face Shape: Lucky you! You can wear just about any style. The only thing to keep in mind is choose a frame that is as wide as your face at its widest point. You will have ultimate appeal by choosing rectangle, rimless, semi-rimless, oval, round, aviator, shield, square, wayfarer, or wrap styles.

Wide Set Glasses

Diamond Face Shape: Like your oval face friends, you are not restricted to one particular style of frames, however, you should avoid extremes and stray away from particularly rounded or angular frames. Lenses that are deeper than they are wide will work best for you.

Deeper than wide Frames

Heart Shape Face: With a wider forehead, you should avoid styles that draw attention upwards. Instead, look for bottom heavy frames that will add width to your lower face. Get the biggest bang by going with cat eye, aviator, rimless, round, semi-rimless, and square styles.

heart face frames

Sunglasses are the year-round accessory. There are tons of styles and colors available that can add a finishing touch to your wardrobe. Regardless your face shape, you can rock the perfect look for you! Just like with all other pieces of your wardrobe, you must feel confident and comfortable in your sunglasses since they add to your individual style. So whether you have one staple pair or ten varying styles, choose wisely and enjoy the iconic accessory that will help you stay stylish!





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